The benefits of tourism to countries

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and this is why it is very beneficial to countries when the industry is looked after properly. Tourism consists of many different types of jobs from different types of sectors of the economy and it also impacts economies in many ways. In order for it to be carried out properly the different sectors of the economy will need to rely on each other.


It helps with development


Tourism is something that will help a country with its development. This is because it creates things like more infrastructures. There will be infrastructure like hotels, roads and highways built in order to make sure that both domestic and foreign tourists can actually access areas where they want to visit. There may be foreign firms who are interested in the land and resources that a country has to offer and they will invest their own money and resources. This is why less economically developed countries rely on tourism heavily because it gives them a chance to improve their standard of living.

It helps the locals


Local people next to tourist hotspots will greatly benefit from tourism because it will create jobs for them both directly and indirectly. Directly people will be employed in hotels and resorts and this will help improve their quality of life. Indirectly people will be employed to build things like roads and highways as well so employment will definitely be on the rise. In addition to this the local people will become more educated as they will be given more training so they will have more skills and knowledge and have a higher chance of being employed elsewhere as well. Other businesses in the area will also benefit as more tourists come to these places. Restaurants and malls will find an increase in sales as tourism is on the rise and this will help improve the countries overall economy.


It must be sustainable


In order for countries to actually enjoy the benefits of tourism they must make sure that it is sustainable at the same time. A lot of the time foreign firms can actually exploit less developed countries by using up a lot of their natural resources and destroying their land while also exploiting local workers there and not paying them a fair wage. Also tourism will attract more buildings and this should not take away from the natural beauty a country has to offer because in the long term this can hurt the country since this will be one of the main reasons people visited the country in the first place.



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